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Africa has been one of the fastest growing regions for cybercrime incidents and there have been numerous positive initiations to curtail these threats. The onset of COVID 19 has brought to light an unprecedented reality of evolved and disruptive cyber-attacks which need to be addressed, thus placing major emphasis on the adoption of dynamic technology solutions as well as the development of a future ready cybersecurity strategy.

With business now transitioning into a hyper-connected digital ecosystem and adopting to the new remote operational model, the protection of vital business data, financial operations, intellectual properties, and critical infrastructure networks are a top priority. The growing threat profile in the region demands for an overhaul of the cyber security landscape across the distributed enterprise network to safeguard critical data, sustain enterprise wide operations and ensure business continuity.

To ensure the success of sustainable and digital first economy, cooperation between the private sector and regulatory entities, skill development, mass awareness and investments into developing the right cyber security framework are crucial.

The 2nd Africa CISO Forum will put forth a vibrant mix of senior cyber security experts to deliver realistic insights on how to redefine security frameworks and efficiently mitigate business risks.

Our Eminent Speakers

Kashifu Inua

Kashifu Inua Abdullahi

Director General & CEO,
National Information Technology Development Agency of Nigeria

Mdu Zakwe

Mdu Zakwe

Chief Executive Officer, Media,
Information and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority (MICT SETA)

Rakiya Shuaibu Mohammed

Rakiya Shuaibu Mohammed

Director IT,
Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

Sidima Ntsangani

Sidima Ntsangani

Acting Chief Digital Officer, State Information Technology Agency (SITA) South Africa

Prasanna Kumar Burri

Prasanna Kumar Burri

Group Chief Information Officer,
Dangote Industries Limited


Harrison Nnaji

Chief Information Security Officer,
First Bank Nigeria


Justin Williams

Executive Group Information Security, MTN Group

Abeer Khedr

Abeer Khedr

Information Security Director,
National Bank of Egypt

Karissa Varma

Kerissa Varma

Chief Information Security Officer,
Old Mutual Limited


Daniel O. Adaramola

Chief Information Security
Officer (CISO), Unity Bank

Sandro Bucchianeri

Sandro Bucchianeri

Group Chief Security Officer,
Absa Group


Zaid Parak

Group Chief
Information Security Officer,
Discovery Limited


Hassan Hafez

Head of IT,
Total Egypt


Remi Afon


Sizwe Snail ka Mtuze

Sizwe Snail ka Mtuze

Senior Attorney, Snail Attorneys (South Africa)

Yusuph Kileo

Yusuph Kileo

Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics Expert,
AfICTA Board Member


Community Partner

Expert Insights on key topics:

  • COVID 19 cyber outlook: Safeguarding the domestic business community
  • Inclusive capacity building through the right Public Private Partnerships
  • Overhauling the cyber security strategy to strengthen enterprise wide defence in times of a pandemic
  • Adopting dynamic endpoint security protocols to protect the distributed enterprise network while mitigating risks
  • Leveraging Analytics to deploy defence in depth and enable agile business scalability