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While physical events are a BIG NO, we are bringing networking opportunities to homes! Partner with EC-Council’s CISO MAG and connect with your clients, globally. We can also set up a regional panel for you. These virtual events from CISO MAG will be scripted as per your business needs and can be run exclusively for your company. While the events will be live, we will also host a recording of the event on our website for two months. We wouldn’t want you or your clients to miss out on this great opportunity.

These events will give you an opportunity for product plug-ins and running banners to create awareness and promote your products. While healthcare workers are on the frontline of defence during the COVID-19 outbreak, we consider ourselves as the frontline of defence during any cybercrime outbreak that can wreak havoc to an already troubled economy.

Let us come together to create more awareness on the need for cybersecurity while companies are bidding to shrink their budgets. It is our collective responsibility to reach out to our clients before the hackers do.

Benefits of a virtual event

  • Moving events online can reduce costs and carbon footprints and make attendance accessible to a wider audience.
  • Viewers receive the same amount of knowledge while still sitting at home/ office
  • Increased Awareness and Thought-Leadership Perception for brands
  • Due to the ease of platform use and virtual location, virtual events require minimal setup time. The planning time compared to in-person events is reduced tremendously.
  • Most countries are locked down currently and this is the best way to capture their head space
  • No geographic boundaries






Product Companies
& Academia

Audience profile

  • SVP, VP, Directors
  • IT Director/Manager/Engineer
  • IT Security Advisor/ Heads/ lead/Specialist

Formats you can explore with EC Council’s CISO MAG


Duration – 30 mins

Tap your in-house experts to share their knowledge in a live question-and-answer session

Q & As will be included in this format to make it more interactive

Virtual roundtables

Duration – 45-60 mins

Four or more experts from the industry and product side come together to address a business challenge. While we do not allow banner promotion, we do allow product plugins and will be highlighting vendor logos in all our promotional collateral

Q & As will be included in this format to make it more interactive

Fire-side chats

Duration – 30 mins

A fireside chat is a slightly informal discussion between the moderator and the presenter where the conversion can be more insightful. Vendors can leverage this format to interact with potential customers to understand business challenges faced by them in a more insightful manner

Q & As will be included in this format to make it more interactive

Innovators Space

These videos will be brief 15 mins ones to share an innovative product or an innovative solution. This is an exclusive space and solutions to be pitched in this space will be monitored. There will be a 10-15 mins Q&A as well to answer audience queries


This is an audio format being run by EC Council for a very long time where we engage in a 20 min brief conversation with our clients to discuss a trend or problem being faced being faced by the industry