Past Roundtable

Strategic Roundtable: Communicating security effectively to the board

Date: 11th October
Venue: The Ritz-Carlton,
Tagline: Bengaluru


Commuicating cybersecurity issues across the organization and creating awareness has been a major challenge for CISOs. And with the threat landscape broadening to include new threat vectors, clear and purposeful communication to the business becomes all the more important. With this urgent need for good communication, CISO MAG and Netmagic Solutions are bringing together an exclusive gathering of CISOs, business leaders, and security strategists to discuss strategies and share tips for effective communication with the board. Participants will take away new ideas and fresh insights gleaned from their peers at this exclusive CISO roundtable. Do join us for this exclusive roundtable that will include experts from the industry.

Strategic Roundtable: Moving to Higher Levels of SOC Maturity

Date: 26th June 2019
Venue: Sahara Star,
Tagline: Mumbai


With the growth of cyber security threats and incidents, many organisations have adopted security solutions to detect and prevent these threats. However, often, these are purchased as point solutions and work in silos. Today’s advanced threats are highly sophisticated in nature and require visibility across all the technology areas of an Enterprise i.e. application, endpoint, network and data. These advanced threats live off the land and use methods to remain undetected for extended periods of time. To counter such threats organisations today need to ensure they get the maximum out of their existing security deployments and look at advanced tools and services that are designed to address these requirements. All of this requires that CISOs now upgrade their SOC programs to a higher level of maturity, not only to remain secure but also to show the value of their security investments to the board. Join us for a power packed panel discussion on what it means to have a mature SOC and how does one move up the maturity curve.